We often hear during our sales meetings: “What can a small team like yours do for us?”. The answer? A lot!

While prospective clients tend to see the size of our team as a potential deal-breaker, we consider it as one of our major advantages. Although we might occasionally scale-up a bit for the needs of a project, we prefer to stay small. The reason is we value good communication, coordination, and quality over size and quantity.

With Boost, our 4-day design sprint, we manage to focus on what matters most, and deliver prototypes and mockups that help us move forward. This is why we like to see ourselves as a tugboat; a small but powerful boat –all muscle and fancy footwork– that helps megaships manoeuvre and moor safely.

It’s been almost a year since we started working with such a megaship. The mere size of the company and legacy made this company hard to steer. They came to Central for help in becoming more agile. We started with two design sprints that focused on how to improve the company’s main website across all devices. The results surpassed our client’s expectations and helped them imagine how their product should develop in the future. They asked us to engage in a long-term collaboration with our design subscription service; booking two Boost design sprints per month to pull them forward.

Since then different teams, from different departments, have come in to explain their design problems. We help them come up with new solutions that we quickly prototype and validate in guerrilla usability tests. By making things concrete, we’ve accelerated decision-making at management level; making things happen.

Our “little toot” is now a big gear in our client’s engine.

Little Toot by Disney

Figure 1: Disney’s Little Toot, a young tugboat who prefers to make figure eights in the harbour than tugging. When all alone on the open water and a storm is rolling in, ends up saving a stuck ocean liner. Picture by Disney shorts

This article was first published on Medium for Central.