It’s been one year since I joined Central; the design team I work with. One beautiful year with people with whom I love to grab my first cup of coffee, argue about design, have endless conversations about food and beer, and design products we’re proud to put into the world.

It wouldn’t have been possible to meet Geoffroy, Quentin, Sarah, David, Pascal, Valentin, Pierre, Romain and Jonathan if I hadn’t shout out loud on my website who I am and what I believe in:

“Hi, I’m Loucas Papantoniou, aka loucaspapa. I am a UX designer; not a rockstar, a unicorn, a ninja or a magician. Design is for me the process of making sense of complex stuff that we don’t understand. There is too much clutter and bullshit in the world, so lets avoid littering it with more by designing meaningful products and experiences.”

A paragraph inspired by Brad Frost’s talk Death to Bullshit at Creative Mornings and Victor Papanek’s Design For The Real World. And while I hate this cliché expression by Paulo Coelho I feel it’s true:

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Shouting out loud who I am got me to meet Geoffroy, founder of Central. Our distaste for bullshit and our common understanding of design brought us to work together. Since then “No bullshit” has become one of our six principles at Central. We have developed a sixth sense for bullshit. We scan our client’s website for bullshit and remove it, give each other heads up when we bullshit, and censor our designs against bullshit.

In the end, shouting out loud who I am made me the designer I want to be. So, what are you waiting for? Shout it out loud!

This article was originally published on Medium for Central.