The challenge

What happens right after sign-up makes or breaks any web product. This is why, Proxyclick asked us: “How might we increase the likelihood that new users will successfully adopt their product?’

Proxyclick’s customers can try the product for 30 days before deciding whether they want to pay for it or not. To increase conversion, Proxyclick needed to convince users of its solution as soon at they tried it.

Why do people hire Proxyclick?

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. This is why together with Proxyclick’s team we tried to nail-down the “job stories”. We asked ourselves why someone would hire Proxyclick to manage the company’s visitors? What is the situation they don’t want to be anymore? What is the burning motivation that’s driving them to adopt a new way of doing things? We got these answers from phone interviews with new Proxyclick users, who had recent the experience of researching for a way to manage the company’s visitors.

Mario illustration turning into a Super Mario with our product

Figure 1: Companies don’t sell just products but the aspiration for people to do things better than before.


The result is a series of screens after sign-up that welcome and guide new users, while introducing them great product features that will be decisive for sticking with Proxyclick.

Sign up screen of the onboarding process

Figure 2: Asking only what is necessary.

Personalised welcome

Figure 3: Personalised welcome, describing succinctly what’s next.

Form, asking for company details

Figure 4: A company card is personalised while the user enters the company’s details.

Form filled in with company details

Figure 5: Filled in company card with the company’s logo and address.

Sample email invitation

Figure 6: A sample email invitation when a meeting is scheduled.

Opt-in for a kiosk

Figure 7: Kiosk: A key feature and important decision maker for choosing Proxyclick.

Customizing kiosk

Figure 8: Basic personalisation of the kiosk is already available from onboarding showing what’s possible but also making users own their kiosk.