The challenge

SMart provides professionals across Europe with services that simplify contract drafting and business management. The SMart team asked us to think beyond it’s core business and conceptualize new services that could service its community. We worked on two main concepts:

  1. Agora, an online platform for SMart members to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate.
  2. Jobs, a jobs marketplace fostering professional mobility across Europe.

Behind the scenes

As this project has been unfortunately on hold from SMart for reasons that don’t have to do with the quality of our work, I cannot share end results, but only a few snapshots from our process.

Figure 1: Interview with a director/video producer to understand the community’s needs and goals.

Figure 2: Synthesis of the interview results, hanged on the wall so that everyone can have a look during his coffee break.

Figure 3: A “Cores & Paths” exercise to identify the core content, how do people get there and where do they go from there.

Figure 4: Early collage / wireframes. Playing with the idea of cards and flexible [content that travels2.

Figure 5: An “Atomic Design” exercise; cutting and pasting reusable components, build the site’s core IA.

Figure 6: Visual design of cards that illustrate the work of the creative professionals.