The challenge

Sony introduced a new visual language for its marketing pages, and we had to go through a total overhaul of the e-commerce experience, adapting the new designs…

The process

In collaboration with my team at Namahn and Sony’s UX expert we worked to tackle the recurring design challenges. Sometimes we started from a blanc canvas, drawing the user-flows, and high level wireframes, before we jump into Axure. Sometimes we had to start working in the nitty-gritty details, firing up Axure all the way through. We evaluated the launched designs with extensive usability tests, and iterated.

wireframe showing the user's journey

Figure 1: Early “chunky” wireframes showing the user’s journey selecting a camera.

detailed wireframe of a product page

Figure 2: Mockup of a product page.

detailed wireframe of the shopping basket

Figure 3: Mockup of the shopping basket.


screenshot of the shopping basket Figure 4: Screenshot of the shopping basket.

Screenshot of the product page

Figure 5: Screenshot of the product page.